Saturday, December 21, 2013

Contour Line Pieces

[both photos pending]

- Explanation of your process.  This includes what materials did you uses? Why did you use these materials?   What was your planning like?
- What is one thing you are most proud of in the piece and why?
- If you could go back and change one thing, what would that be?

My first contour piece was using the prompt "wild", a ghost bear (it was a group idea; mine is the one with the base guitar on the right end).  At first, I sketched my outline on the paper in pencil, not adding in too much detail because I knew it was going to be faded greatly by the painting part. Then, I used watercolor to paint the colors in, haphazardly covering it with green, then coloring the guitar and jacket purple so as to contrast with the green. I also splattered the piece with purple paint to make it look more "cool". Once it was dry, I then outlined the picture with pen. I am most proud of the guitar and the way the splatters turned out, though I wish I could make my bear look more bear-like.

My second piece utilized the prompt "urban", and was a contour line drawing of a fox jumping from one building to another. This was the first thing that popped into my mind when I was told urban and contour lines, so I just went with it. Making this piece was simple- I just drew the image with pencil, then drew each line with pen, moving the line up or down where there was a window or the side of a building. I used a red pen for the fox, to make it stand out. I was pretty happy with how the image looked overall, but I really wish I could have fixed the line I messed up on on the left building.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Printmaking- Fennekin

Perspective Piece: Skyscraper

[photo pending]

I chose to do three-point perspective for this project, because it struck me as interesting to work with and I wanted to try something new, considering I've done the other perspectives before. The hardest part of this piece was the beginning, where I had to get a ruler and tediously draw a bunch of lines in just the right angles from the three points I was using. Once I had all the lines put down, I erased some of them until only the straight tower part was present. I kept the top square of the newly-formed tower, but for the sides I drew curved lines leading from their starting points to the end points- this was to make the tower look curved as it's going down. I don't know why I did that but either way it turned out okay, so, yep. From there, I added the basic details to the tower and the background in pencil- the continents down below, and all the sections of the tower with different themes like an old cat lady's apartment, a sketchy hotel, an aquarium, etc, and also put a pool at the very top. Once those were in, I outlined everything with pen and added linework to everything to add depth and interest. Overall I think this piece turned out really well and it's very busy looking.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Shadow Art: Fishing vs Motorcycle

[second photo pending]

We mainly used stuffed animals for both pieces, though we also used a few of the random objects in the item bin thingy. I was surprised both days that the stuffed animals I brought in were turned into stuff other than what they were, though it was funny to see Oswald (my alpaca) being used as a cliff and Pikapal (my pikachu) used as part of a motorcycle. The first picture was made with a projector, so we were able to pull a picture of a sunset up as the background. The second picture gave us more difficulties, as the backdrop wooden thing kept falling over and knocking all our stuff down. Overall I liked the first picture a lot more, because it was easier to make and easier to customize due to the projector.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3D Piece: Flower Crown

[photo pending]

I chose to make a flower crown, so I didn't use any paint or glaze, and instead worked with wire and artificial flowers. It was based off of other flower crowns I have seen/made before, though I put a bit more work and details. I used a large rose, several smaller roses, and a bunch of teensy flowers, all different shades of pinkish-purple. A thicker wire, usually used for garden purposes, was used to make the base of the crown, and from there I used florist's wire to wrap around the "stems" of the flowers and then attach them to it.

A kiln is an oven built especially for clay, where it's fired, or heated, until it's hardened. Clay is incredibly fine soil that comes in several varieties, and when wet or damp, can be molded into different forms. When sculpting clay, you can score the clay to help it adhere to other clay pieces better.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Stenciled Non-Objective Piece

A non-objective art piece is one that doesn't focus on a natural, physical subject, such as an object, person, or creature, but instead focuses on colors, shapes, sizes, etc. For this piece, I first painted a non-objective work to use as the background. I then converted a picture of myself to hard black-and-white, opened it up on a projector, then traced it onto another piece of paper that was the same size of the non-objective piece. From that outline, I cut out the white parts of the picture using an exacto-knife, gluing them onto the non-objective piece to create the final product.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Land Art Piece- Dead Guy?

My group chose to make the outline of a dead person, because Emily and I were brainstorming a few days prior and remembered that there used to be a dead person outline made out of tape at the bottom of the courtyard stairs and we were inspired by that. For the initial outline, we used small rocks, because they wouldn't be blown away by the wind, and also because we needed an outline before we placed the leaves. We used the leaves because of the vibrant colors that they had, and we knew that there were dark red leaves available to use for the wound.