Sunday, December 15, 2013

Perspective Piece: Skyscraper

[photo pending]

I chose to do three-point perspective for this project, because it struck me as interesting to work with and I wanted to try something new, considering I've done the other perspectives before. The hardest part of this piece was the beginning, where I had to get a ruler and tediously draw a bunch of lines in just the right angles from the three points I was using. Once I had all the lines put down, I erased some of them until only the straight tower part was present. I kept the top square of the newly-formed tower, but for the sides I drew curved lines leading from their starting points to the end points- this was to make the tower look curved as it's going down. I don't know why I did that but either way it turned out okay, so, yep. From there, I added the basic details to the tower and the background in pencil- the continents down below, and all the sections of the tower with different themes like an old cat lady's apartment, a sketchy hotel, an aquarium, etc, and also put a pool at the very top. Once those were in, I outlined everything with pen and added linework to everything to add depth and interest. Overall I think this piece turned out really well and it's very busy looking.

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