Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3D Piece: Flower Crown

[photo pending]

I chose to make a flower crown, so I didn't use any paint or glaze, and instead worked with wire and artificial flowers. It was based off of other flower crowns I have seen/made before, though I put a bit more work and details. I used a large rose, several smaller roses, and a bunch of teensy flowers, all different shades of pinkish-purple. A thicker wire, usually used for garden purposes, was used to make the base of the crown, and from there I used florist's wire to wrap around the "stems" of the flowers and then attach them to it.

A kiln is an oven built especially for clay, where it's fired, or heated, until it's hardened. Clay is incredibly fine soil that comes in several varieties, and when wet or damp, can be molded into different forms. When sculpting clay, you can score the clay to help it adhere to other clay pieces better.

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