Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Relief Piece: Gazelle

A relief is a sculpture made through a special technique, where the image is made to appear as if it's above the background. There are three main kinds of relief techniques: sunken, where the non-background parts are dug into, making the background into the top layer; high relief, where the image is cut deeply so depth is clearly visible; and low relief, where there's only shallow cuts to help show details.

For my relief piece, I chose to create a gazelle. This is because I wanted to try creating a different animal than the kinds I usually lean towards (foxes, dogs, cats), and make something more new and interesting. I am particularly proud of the fading on the hooves, snout, and ears, as well as the brush strokes on the horns, as they seem to make the gazelle more interesting to look at. If I could redo any parts of this piece, I would have liked to use larger pieces of cardboard so I wouldn't have the odd, folded parts on the horns and legs. I also would have liked for the tail's gradient to be a bit smoother.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hipster Cat Bear

This is a hipster cat-bear with a space texture on it. I don't know what else to say about it, really.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Color Piece: GAME OVER

For my color project, I chose three things- nighttime, my dog, and videogames. Personally, I love the night sky, and how the stars and moon shine against it. I chose it as my background. My dog is almost a given- she's my first dog ever, and we've practically grown up together. I painted her next to me, resting by the tree. Lastly, I've loved videogames since I was a tiny little gal, and decided to make a 3d "GAME OVER: Continue?" thing at the bottom of the page, as well as including an empty health bar at the top of the page. I chose to paint with acrylics because I wanted my picture to look very solid, then used a bit of oil pastel to add the health/magic bars and some minor details. And of course, I used cardboard and acrylic to do the lettering at the bottom. If I were to change anything about this picture, I'd probably want to add more paint details- I'm not very skilled at painting, but if I had had a while more to finish I might have been able to at least fix up a few issues.